2020 Conference Schedule

As a result of the ongoing issues around Covid 19 the conference planning committee has decided to move to a virtual format. Registration for the conference is free.

Agenda is set in the Mountain Daylight Time Zone (MDT) 

Patient Advocate-Research Virtual Collaboration Day 

No CME will be provided

8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.             Session 1: Research Breakfast
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.              Session 2: Clinical Trials: Maintaining Modifications Post Pandemic

Welcome and Breakfast

8:30 amSet up
8:45 amWelcome and Conference Goals – Alana Welm, PhD & Josh Newby
8:50 amPatient Advocate Welcome – Stephanie Walker

Session 1: Keynote 

Moderator: Alana Welm, PhD

9:00 am
 Immunotherapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer: Building on Recent Success 
Beth Mittendorf, MD, PhD | Read Bio

Session 2: Tumor immunology

Moderator: Shawn Zhang, PhD

9:30 am
 MCHII Expression Protects from Metastatic Progression 
K-T Varley, PhD | Read Bio
9:50 am
 Tumor Immune Microenvironment 
David DeNardo, PhD | Read Bio
10:10 am
 Dendritic Cells Driving Protective Immunity 
Kevin Barry, PhD | Read Bio

10: 30 am Break

Session 3:  Tumor dormancy and preventing progression of metastasis

Moderator: Cheryl Jorcyk, PhD

11:00 am
Metastatic Dormancy Mechanisms 
Julio Aguirre-Ghiso, PhD | Read Bio
11:20 am
Breast Cell Plasticity and Adaptation 
Ben Spike, PhD | Read Bio
11:40 am
Cell Fate and Tumor Progression 
Kevin Roarty, PhD | Read Bio
12:00 noonBreak

Poster Session 1 Moderator: Jeff Rosen, PhD| Read Bio * No CME Credit Provided

12:30 Lightening talks

1: 30 pm Break

Session 4:  New molecular targets in MBC

Moderator:  Steffi Oesterreich , PhD

2:00 pm
 Overcoming Endocrine Resistance 
Suzanne Fuqua, PhD | Read Bio
2:20 pm
 AR Antagonists in Metastatic Breast Cancer 
Jennifer Richer, PhD | Read Bio
2:40 pm
 Patient-Derived Models to Identify New Therapies 
Bryan Welm, PhD | Read Bio
3:00 pmAdjourn

Welcome and Breakfast

8:30 amSet up
8:50 amPatient Advocate Welcome – Lianne Kraemer

Session 5: Keynote 

Moderator:Cyrus Ghajar, PhD

9:00 amExosome Biomarkers for Early Cancer Detection 
David C. Lyden, MD, PhD | Read Bio

Session 6:  Clinical Horizons in MBC

Moderator: Margaret Van Meter, MD

9:30 amFunctional Precision Oncology in MBC 
Christos Vaklavas, MD | Read Bio
9:50 amNovel Treatments in MBC 
Virginia Borges, MD | Read Bio
10:10 amCOVID 19 and MBC 
Tim Pluard, MD | Read Bio

10: 30 am Break

Session 7:  Selected Topics in Metastatic Breast Cancer

Moderator: Matthew Ellis, MD

11:00 amGenomic Studies of Primary Tumors and Metastases 
Chuck Perou, PhD | Read Bio
11:20 amSingle Cell Analysis of Breast Cancer Evolution in Metastasis 
Adrian Lee, PhD | Read Bio
11:40 amCombined Molecular and Immune Regulation of Breast Cancer Metastasis 
Andy Ewald, PhD | Read Bio
12:00 noonBreak

Poster Session 2 Moderator: Dan Welch, PhD | Read Bio   *NO CME Provided   

12:30 pm Lightening Talks
1:30 pm Break

Session 8:  Site-specific metastasis

Moderator:   Alana Welm, PhD

2:00 pmRON Tyrosine Kinase in Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis 
Jaime Fornetti, PhD | Read Bio
2:20 pmEstrogen Regulation of Brain Metastasis 
Diana Cittelly, PhD | Read Bio
2:40 pmClosing with Josh Newby and Alana Welm, PhD
3:00 pm Adjourn

Registration is Open!